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3D Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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3D Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

  • SUPER COOL FIREWORK LED LIGHT- Besides aroma diffuser function, it is also a cool night light. There are 7 led romantic light moods including a color changing mode. 7 colors will change slowly and from low brightness and high brightness. In the daytime, the diffuser looks like a mirror ball. At night or in the dark environment, the LED light looks like a galaxy or firework show.
  • SAFETY AUTO SHUT OFF FUNCTION – There are 4 runtime options including 0.5H/ 1H/ 2H/ 3H. For safety purpose, the aromatherapy diffuser will shut off automatically when the water level is too low. It can prevent the cool mist humidifier from overheating when it runs out of the water. It helps us sleep without any worries.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Unlike cheaply made aromatherapy diffuser, Pobees 3D glass essential oils diffuser is made with the high-grade eco-friendly material with strict quality control. Add 3-5 drop essential oil into the tank, it will become an air freshener to improve your home’s air quality and cover the smell from pets or smoking.
  • MOST THOUGHTFUL GIFT IDEA – The design of this 3D glass aromatherapy diffuser is stylish and unique. The visual LED firework effect brings a unique experience to those who matter most, our families and friends. In addition, the package includes a free gift, car vent diffuser clip, for those essential oil lover.


3D Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Alleviating stress and uplifting the atmosphere.

7 light modes include fixed color modes and rotate color mode. In the rotate color mode, 12 colors changing continuously and look like fireworks. It creates a unique soul-soothing atmosphere for you and your families.

How to switch the color?

Press the right button to turn on the LED light and enter the rotate color mode. The next press will stop the color rotate and stay in your favorite color. Then the next press will enter each fix color mode and from dim to bright light level respectively.